Why it is important to watermark the photos on your blog

just a reminder, my dear friends

Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen


A week ago, I was shocked to see this page on a popular website. The photo of samosas which has been conveniently posted alongside the ‘Tikka Samosa’ recipe is mine and taken from this blog.It was posted under the title Chicken and corn samosa on July 9,2014.

What infuriated me was instead of giving due credit (forget being decent enough to link it), they mention the source as Chef Jalal Haider. Chef Jalal haider is a celebrity in his own right and definitely doesn’t need to borrow some one else’s work. So, I thought it must have been a mistake and mailed him……No response.

Then I posted a polite comment on the pages (the picture was published on two pages and garnered about 16000 views in all)…….No response.

I posted comments again and every time the comments got deleted.

If it was a  personal blog, maybe I would have ignored it. But for…

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vanilla ice cream

[Homemade] Eggless, No Cook Vanilla Ice Cream

Smooth, rich and creamy vanilla ice cream like no other.

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[Homemade] Triple Chocolate Sauce (hint : there’s N_t_l_a)

Pure indulgence awaits you 😉

Dark, smooth and luscious chocolate fudge you could ever imagine.

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One Pan Whole Roast Chicken

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

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[Homemade] Fruit Cordial Iced Tea

It’s this time of the year when Fruit Cordial (like Panda, Vimto and Tono) is almost everywhere. Since alcohol is forbidden here in this country, I am not really sure what are the other things they do with this cordial aside from mixing it with water. But me, this is what I do and will do in case I decide to bring some bottles to Philippines 🙂

Feel free to comment your suggestions 🙂

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Sweet & Sour Fish Fingers and Quick Tip on Green Onion Leek Storage

This dish is one of the staple dishes in our household. You can do this with chicken or pork too or even with any fish you prefer (just read the notes below).

And by the way, I strongly recommend that you don’t skip the pineapple part, when you try it, you’ll know what I’m talking about and you’ll never skip that part again 😉

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Beef & Zucchini Lasagna

Time to sneak some more veggies into our pasta dish 😉 and we’ll talk about bechamel sauce, that some of our friends refer to as “that white thing on top” 😉

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Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce Using Canned Tomatoes

When the price of fresh tomatoes are high, my other option for making marinara sauce is through the use of the canned ones, only if it’s on special offer and good thing it is! I got 10 cans (400g can) for a price of 10SAR, yay!

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Ronald’s Mutton [Lamb] Biryani

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers in the World!

As my tribute to the father of my lovely princess, I’m featuring his favorite Indian dish called Biryani – his version and his snaps 😉

Let’s get started

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#STOPYULIN2015 – Is this what you do to your bestfriend?

Every year, thousands of dogs are killed and eaten in Yulin, China to celebrate the summer solstice. Let’s end this cruel tradition, once and for all.

I have no words to say.