Love / Hate Challenge

I accept 🙂

It’s my 2nd month blogging and this is my very first nomination I got, thanks to Meals with Mel for including me on her list.

Meals with Mel is one of the very first blogs I followed here, and been hooked since then, her beautiful photos and recipes made me look forward to everytime I logged in. I even bookmarked some of her posts for future reference when time permits to make some of those delightful recipes she shares.

Visit her blog and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

So, for the Love/Hate Challenge, I will be listing my 10 most loved and hate things and later I will nominate 10 more bloggers to do the same, no pressure but I think its a fun way to get to know the bloggers we follow, so let’s keep this rolling 😉


1. COFFEE – anytime of the day be it winter, spring, summer or fall. No morning coffee, and you’ll have a zombie joining you for breakfast.

2.  LISTENING TO MUSIC – R&B, Pop, Love Songs, but I think like more the old ones, from the 80s and the boybands of 90s.

3. COOKING AND BAKING – need I say more?

4. SHOPPING – who doesn’t?! but this time, it’s for my little princess, (how I wish they have my size too!)


6. SPA SALON – pampering from head to toe, oh it feels like heaven 🙂

7. CARAMEL – in any form.

8. Anything RED –  I dunno why.

9. ICE CREAM – the only food that can soothe me whenever I don’t feel good. (vanilla sundae with caramel sauce?! bam!)

10. HUBBY & OUR PRINCESS – who else should I cook/bake for? my two food critics.


1. DISHWASHING after the cooking/baking.

2. LAUNDRY and ARRANGING THE CLOTHES – I need a really good snack and some movies to go with these tasks.

3. INSECTS – it freaks me out.

4. PEOPLE FROWNING – it annoys me.

5. When food is already served (arrranged in the table) I don’t want it to be rearranged for the 3rd time. Twice is enough.


7. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – blocklisted asap.

8. I hate it when the only piece I liked ran out of my size or ran out of stock.

9. PUSHY PEOPLE – when I say NO, it’s NO and YES if it’s YES.

10. SMOKE BELCHERS  be it in vehicles or from cigarrettes, as long as that smoke can make me cough, I hate it!

Now, for my nominations 🙂

Deanna of Health Without Sacrifice

K of Peeled Wellness


Cristina of I Say Nomato

Heidi of Foodie Goes Primal

Heidi & Linda of Fabolous Fare Sisters

Donna of Beauty Blog To Go

Jhuls of Not So Creative Cook

Josette of The Brookcook

Laura of Kiwi Country Girl

Looking forward to your answers 🙂 Have fun!

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